John Schelling Pollock

Since John's passion for photography is as an artist, he works primarily in abstracts and scapes. That he is an artist whose medium is photography isn't to say he manipulates his photographs the way a painter does with oils or a poet does with words—it's more that he sees compositionally as an artist; his photographs are more concerned with the relationship of shape and line and chiaroscuro and negative space than they are with object or subject or where they were taken. It's not so much what is being photographed that is of primary concern, it's the way it is all organized in the frame and how it invites the viewer to see too. Most of his photographs are therefore untitled to preserve the purity of the viewer's interaction with them.

John also specializes in Environmental Portraits and Documentaries (weddings, reunions, birthdays, and other celebrations, gatherings, or events), and has an extensive Stock Collection for commercial use.

Please contact John if you are interested in purchasing any of his photos or want to hire him for a personalized photo shoot, including an artist's interpretation of your home environment or personal space.